Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Kyle Chandler's Acceptance Speech (as written by Neil Hoppe)

I tell you what: it’s such an honor to be up here. Never in a million years did I think I’d win this. Hugh and Jon and Michael have been waiting so damn long to win this thing I just figured they had already Indian wrestled for it. I guess my first thanks should be to Bryan for even giving us all at shot it.

I just never thought I’d be standing here. Guys like me from shows like this don’t win this award. It should be any one of you. Hell Michael, you beat cancer, and you still don’t have one. What’s a guy gotta do? You know what I’m sayin’? It shouldn’t have been me. So I guess my second thanks has to go to the academy for even giving me a shot, let alone voting for me. Thank you all.

There’s a whole list of people I’m supposed to be thanking right now, and if you go online tomorrow at whatever website my people run, I promise you each and every one of your names will be listed there. In bold. I promise. You can all go there and see for yourselves who got me here. Do I twitter? No seriously, anybody know? Cause if I do, each one of you that deserves credit will get his or her own damn tweet tomorrow. And if I don’t twitter, I’m startin’ just so you all will receive the proper due.

There’s a whole list of people, but there’s only two I’m gonna talk about tonight. First, there is no Eric Taylor without Tami Taylor. This is not my award. Connie, this is our award. So here’s what we’re gonna do. Tomorrow morning I’m gonna head into the garage and fire up the table saw and cut this damn thing in half. Right down the middle. Then Kathryn and I are gonna drive over to your house and present you with your award for outstanding lead in a dramatic series. It’ll just be a little lighter than normal. Thank you, Connie.

Second. There is no Kyle Chandler without Kathryn Chandler. Baby, we did it. And I’m sorry, but I already gave half the statue to Connie, so you’re just gonna have to be satisfied with my half. I hope it’s enough. I love you.

Friday Night Lights was a story of heartbreak. It’s a story of adversity, setback, and loss. But it’s also of story of perseverance. Of determination. Of guts and willpower and tonight...triumph. It’s a story of clear eyes and full hearts. Thank you so much.

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